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On the special occasion of Damanhur's Fortieth Anniversary we are excited to present a unique opportunity to explore the many pathways of study and training that are available in Damanhur. For three weeks during the summer, Damanhur University has organized a mixed program of lectures, workshops, and individual divination sessions. It will be a grand festival with intense days, full of engaging and profound personal work including time for regeneration, all while embracing a fun and constructive social life.

40 years of Damanhur, can you believe it?

For those coming for the first time, the program begins on Monday, with an introductory visit to the central territories of Damanhur and the Temples of Humankind. From Tuesday to Saturday, there will be a full immersion program into the thematic days connected to the five different fields of study and knowledge of the Damanhurian School of Thought: Spiritual Healing, Wisdom for the New Era, Art and Spirituality, Mediumship-Alchemy-Rituality, and Community and Consciousness.

The great construction many have called

'The Eighth Wonder of the World'

Temples of Humankind - The Labyrinth

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