Astral Travel 1st Level






Astral travel means to deeply relax your body and to come out with our energetic part, fully conscious, to have out of the body experiences.

This allows us to consciously access a human faculty present and latent in everyone, but culturally not contemplated and explored. And it is possible to learn how to use this opportunity knowing and experiencing its potential and then maintaining the function with adequate training. In the Mystery School you learn how to use this faculty and then through the three successive levels you explore all of the possible fields of application.

Becoming familiar with this faculty allows you to realize what is our true essence and how we can prepare for death, as it is just a simple change in dimension.




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Event: Astral Travel 1st level

Astral Travel 1st level
2017-04-22 9:30 am
Astral Travel 1st level
2017-08-05 9:30 am