Astral Travel 3rd level






To travel in the astral layers is to leave the body with an energetical part and to consciously explore a realm that we usually experience only in dreams.

As we are surrounded by many layers of reality, being able to conduct experiences outside the body means to deepen our perception of what we are surrounded by and to access other kinds of knowledge.

For some people Astral Travel happens instinctively, but also for them it can be useful to learn how to guide and make use of the experience. A first step for conscious and guided Astral Travel is to deeply relax the body and feel how the body acts as a battery to support the subtle parts that - by freeing themselves from the phsyical shell - can move in space with great ease.

The third level includes sessions within the Temples of Humankind, which allows the experiences of astral travel and contact with the synchronic lines.

The first level of the seminar is open to all, while to be able participate in subsequent seminars, you must have participated in the previous levels.

Each course lasts two days.


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Event: Astral Travel 3rd level

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