Beyond Life


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Course to prepare and approach the beyond

"Death is the birth of the soul"

is a mirror that reflects the whole meaning of life on Earth


Structured in a weekend, this seminar enables to prepare for the journey to the beyond, and is useful both to those who want to help others at the time of death, and those who want to prepare for this event.
It is a course on life precisely because it addresses the issue of the dignity of death.
Participants will bring meaningful pictures of their lives and an object that represents them, to which are particularly attached.

Philosophical aspects
The unconscious identification with the body is at the root of many of our fears (fear of death, of the unknown, of letting go).
It is necessary to face the fear of pain, of loneliness, of loss and of the unknown.
What happens to our body and our mind when death approaches?
As long as the person remains in their body, they might live intense suffering, but when they abandon it, a great sense of peace and absence of pain overtakes. The experience of the "tunnel" usually takes place after having experienced letting go of the physical body.

The concept of death
Despite being one of the most significant moments in a person's life, because it concludes it and because endless ideas and representations have developed around it, death is not translatable into any other experience.
There is no way to determine in advance, except in a very vague and abstract way, when the transition from one life form to another will be. We must ensure that the process takes place in the most natural way possible, respecting the time that we are given to live. Transitions are always painful in the idea of ​​change (fear of the unknown), as they constitute a break with the past and an entry into a completely new state of existence, in which we initially move like beginners.

The idea of ​​death
If the death of a human being were something absolute, its consequences would be irreparable. However, life goes on.
Death is the prelude to a new life. Everything is transformation. Life and death are part of a huge transformation process, of which we do not see the beginning or the end.
This awareness should lead us to relativize personal issues and subjective limits.


The course lasts two days and includes the evening meal on the first day as part of the course and a dream preparation to contact the beyond during dreams.



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