Conscious Awareness through Sacred Dance



danza sacra



This is a pathway of awareness, of exploring the use of the body as an instrument of reawakening, primarily through Damanhurian Sacred Dance. This dance is a form of communication that expresses words in precise gestures and movements. It is a true language of the body, a form of multidimensional communication. By dancing, you compose phrases that are written in the air using a special invisible ink that is made of your own energies.

Sacred Dance can be practiced as artistic expression, as well as a healing practice to feel more energized and in equilibrium. The microlines (subtle energy flows in the body), chakras and inner senses are activated by Sacred Dance. In each session, you are guided with a specific intention: contacting the elements, harmonizing your energy, increasing your sense of well-being, directing synchronicity, healing through dance, creating personalized phrases and choreography, expanding your perceptions and sensitivity, and connecting with spiritual light.


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Half Day Visit to the Temples of Humankind

Conscious Awareness through Sacred Dance

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