How to Create a Successful Community





Would you like to live in a community or create one? What would be the purpose? How would you organize yourselves? What kind of shared economy would you have? Who would lead your community? Or maybe you already live in one, and need help creating a common ideal in the midst of all the practical issues to resolve?

In this course, social researchers of the Damanhur Federation of Communities draw on more than 30 years of experience in all fields related to community building and maintenance. The aim is to help others form human groups that know how to solidify their values and create resiliant communities, adding a new dimension to the way we live that may help society at large.



Identifying the goals, forming a group, exercising leadership, choosing territory and settlement are some of the points of the first level of the course. Human groups and their ˝critical numbers˝, distribution of responsibilities, constant renewal without distorting one's own characteristics, integration of new citizens and supporting members of the community who leave, are amongst the themes of the second level.

Gathering to learnIn addition to historical and theoretical lessons, the course also includes visits to the Damanhurian Communities, businesses and encounters with the citizens, to exchange experiences about the process of founding and developing communities, and the personal growth of the individual.


This programme when taught in Damanhur lasts 5 days. The price of  includes 6 nights in a double room.


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Event: How to Create a Successful Community

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