Inner Harmonization 1st level




Inner Harmonization is a meditation technique of Damanhur which has an Atlantean origin and essence; a technique suitable and useful to learn how to harmonize our energies and contact our spiritual and subtle dimension.

It has three progressive levels, that are developed throughout the three years.


The Inner Harmonization level 1 - Sound and Breath

The first level offers work on conscious breathing, as a key to our own being. The element that is explored to stimulate the energy centers of the body is sound: to listen, sing, localize the sound within us, in its own vital energy points - chakras (Adonajba in the Damanhurian Sacred language) in the appropriate positions, with the pace suitable for you and the group that you work with, are fundamental elements in our journey so that harmony reigns within us, inner peace and alignment of our energies.



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Event: Inner Harmonization

Inner Harmonization 1st level
2017-07-22 9:30 am