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Have you ever noticed that we often find ourselves with conflicting desires? Or that one day you want one thing and the next day the complete opposite?

Every one of us represents a complex reality of desires, thoughts, dreams and ideas. The fact that we often have conflicting thoughts is a direct result of us being composed of multiple parts with seemingly different goals. These different aspects of ourselves, called "personalities", represent a great potential and extraordinary wealth if we learn to create harmony between them and unify their goals.

This course uses various techniques developed through years of research in Damanhur for getting into contact with oneĀ“s various personalities as they alternate in guiding us depending on that situation we find ourselves in. Many of the exercises are based on forms of artistic expression, though not requiring any artistic skills. Others are meditative. All exercises use play to get to know our personalities and understand their needs.

By being able to define, contact and harmonize our diverse personalities, we can learn how to resolve inner conflicts and achieve a greater level of well-being. According to Damanhurian Spiritual Physics, the Inner Personalities are part of our soul structure together with an attractor representing the divine within us. According to this theory, the final result of harmonizing the Inner Personalities is enlightenment.


Inner Personalities is taught in two levels.

Duration of one seminar is two days.


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Event: Inner Personalities

Inner Personalities 1st level
2017-02-04 9:30 am