Interpretation and Contact with Selfic Paintings




Cabina quadri

One of the fields of research in which Falco (Oberto Airaudi), the founder of Damanhur, has invested much of his energies, is that of "Selfic Painting", the use of intelligent energies through two-dimensional shapes based on signs and colors.

The colors, shapes and signs are alive, animated and constantly changing, they project signals and information into the environment and into those who observe, that is why Falco has also used this method to transmit knowledge.

Understanding Selfic Painting is an issue that needs to be addressed at different levels and many elements need to be acquired, not only to understand the subtle colorful creatures that you are facing, but also to enter into relationship and who knows, maybe, over time, acquire the ability and knowledge to “paint selfically”.



Through this course you will learn how to “enter” into the selfic paintings, to use the various access points that are already set in the paintings and by entering inside the painting you understand its function and use.

The method is part of Mediumship according to the school of Damanhurian thought.



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