Learning to Desire



Spiritual Vision: Universe of Forms


Everyone of us desires. Ever since we were children, we began to measure ourselves with this desire. We are not always able to attract what we desire into our reality, but we are often very good at living what we fear or what we do not want. Why? What are the conscious or subconscious mechanisms that influence our desires, in a positive way or opposing them? Is it possible to learn to desire in an effective way? To learn to have an influence on synchronicity and events?


A seminar with theoretical and experiential parts, which teaches to formulate your own desires, to make them alive, real and especially to accomplish them. A course created and originally led by Falco Tarassaco, Oberto Airaudi, the founder of Damanhur, and now held by Antilope Verbena, his assistant and director of Damanhur University, with the support and activation of Selfica, made available by Falco. This possibility is exclusive only in Damanhur.




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Learning to Desire
2017-09-02 9:30 am