Learning to Guide the Emotions



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We all have emotions... emotions move our actions. Rather than control or surpress them, we should recognize them and learn how to use them! Feelings of joy and pain are strong energies which are often expressed in a way we can call emotionality - raw, incomplete emotion which consumes more than it nourishes.

Taught in two levels, this course gives us elements for learning how to transform emotiionality into emotion, making this a river on which we can navigate and from which we can draw new strength.

The first level is a "full immersion" in which you will play, experiment, have practical experiences, learn theoretical concepts and, above all, let your rich inner world emerge and flow. It invites you on an inward journey departing from patterns and habits moving towards the pleasure of meeting your true self and recognizing yourself in others.


The course offers a method to guide and transform the emotional flow so that it can become a source of freedom and personal growth, working through limitations and fears.


human scuplturesThe second level helps identify and reinforce positive emotions. Through them, we create a path of respect and self-esteem that takes us through the rediscovery of feelings and to an openness towards ourselves and others. The second level can only be attended by those who have already done the first.


Duration: 2 days



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Event: Learning to Guide the Emotions

Learning to Guide the Emotions 1st level
2017-05-20 9:30 am
Learning to Guide the Emotions 1st level
2017-09-09 9:30 am