The Metratura


Sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste: these are the main gates through which the world enters into us, the tools with which we know life. Without the five senses perception would not exist, experience, even memory, we would not have emotions and we would not learn anything.


But do we know how to use them?


Metratura is a discipline that teaches about our senses, how to develop them and most importantly, use them consciously. And, by using them consciously, to mix them, overlap them, to stimulate new sensations, sensations that we never had before, as if they were senses we never knew we had...


Metratura is a physical technique of relaxation and self-control, that everyone can learn and practice and then at home. For those who continue allong this path metratura reveals itself as a path of self-awareness and self- enhancement, an experience of openness to the world around us, and expansion and control of the mind.




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The Metratura
2017-01-07 9:30 am