Recognizing and Interpreting Inner Answers



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In life it happen that we ask questions or, even more, we often feel the intimate need to give ourselves some answers. It is not always so easy to have clarity among the many voices that we carry within us, that often show us contradictory things, so we run the risk of acting only on instinct or, even worse, to indefinitely postpone existential questions, thus living in a state of underlying anxiety which seems withour an end.

Through the techniques taught in this course that uses magical time technology designed and developed in Damanhur, you acquire a method, simple, effective, personal and applicable whenever we feel the need, so that we're not overwhelmed by fear, anxiety, but instead we act calmly and decisively.

Constance and application will do the rest.





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Recognizing and Interpreting Inner Answers
2017-10-21 9:30 am