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Damanhur has forty years of experience in Community life and the different modes of application of this social model. The Community School is a three-year training course which is born from Damanhurian experience and of other communities, to convey the principles, models and inspirational models to help you learn about community life and choose this kind of path as a means of collective and individual evolution. Living together is an art, as taught by Falco Tarassaco (Oberto Airaudi), founder of Damanhur, cohabitation is even a lost Archetype, stolen from the Human Being, to take away his power and slow him down on the path of evolution. But we contain a shadow of this lost Archetype, its' cast and we can retrieve it, transforming the experience of living together in a true Work of Art.

The forty years experience of Damanhur, that from the beginning of its formation has seen the increase in the number of people and therefore has experienced different models of living together, depending on the type of "skin" that had to be changed. This allows us now to be able to export these models and this experience through a course, made of theoretical parts, but also practical experience of life together. Many aspects lead to transform living together in an evolutionary and artistic path, such as Relational dynamics and Communication, which are topics discussed in this process and they provide keys for solutions not only to deal with conflicts, but also to build together a model for a quality and happy life.



Portrait funWe are in a time of epochal change: the age of individualism is over. The new emerging reality is the human Group: both in the workplace and in private life different realities are going towards success in a joyful way. These groups are for example Google, Apple .... who no longer depend on a leader, but they are living together on a path of realization. This epochal change will enpower women again and guide the transition from a pyramidal structure to a circular one. Even scientific research that before was done through separation is now through integration (eg genome research), it is about collective memory, about creating a morphogenetic field.

As many scholars say, one of which Bruce Lipton, what was individuality, today is a network and everywhere, on all levels, everyone's need is to connect: it is a crucial need. Any stimulus, fashion, need, becomes an opportunity to get together: to do it in a meaningful way, to ride this new paradigm of sociality and spirituality we must be ”educated”, considering that to educate means "e- ducere", ie pulling out and not only putting in. The previous culture based on information now becomes the culture of feeling, in Damanhur this means to teach with love and to understand it you have to live it. We are waiting for you!



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