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Damanhur is famous throughout the world for the realization of the Temples of Humankind, a collective Work of Art unique on the planet and, from the Damanhurian artists' own experience, who have discovered their talents driven by a strong spiritual motivation, comes this three-year course, with the possibility of an extra two year Masters. Arts and expressive arts such as Sacred Dance, Emotional Theatre, Damanhurian Warrior Art and the Use of Voice and Sound.

This path leads to the Magic of Damanhurian Art, to the discovery of your inner artist. In every human being there is an artist, because creativity is a characteristic of God and according to the Damanhurian School of Thought every human being is a divine fractal. And so through this path, open to everyone and to all ages, you learn how to awaken the Inner Artist, the part of us that knows how to tap into knowledge and imagination and bring into the Form your own artistic expression as a completion of an Art Work of personal and collective realization.

You explore visual arts such as painting, drawing, working with clay but also the deeper meanings of the symbols related to the Sacred Language, a language that is ancient and archetypal, part of the knowledge of Damanhur. Visual Arts are combined with the expressive arts such as Sacred Dance which is closely related to the meanings of the Sacred Language, the use of Voice, Sound and Silence, Emotional Theatre, Damanhurian Warrior Art... To do this course in Damanhur gives you the unique opportunity to use meditative paths and stone spirals that are specially prepared for artistic inspiration and creativity.



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Damanhurian Art School 1st year Intensive
2017-08-12 9:30 am