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The Mystery School is a three-year pathway, organized over weekend meetings held once a month for 10 months, or as a 20-day intensive once a year. The intensive program is intended for those who travel from far away to participate.

Mystery School is a journey of self-discovery and an exploration of reality with a magical and spiritual vision, originating from the Damanhur School of Thought founded by Falco Tarassaco (Oberto Airaudi).

The objective of this pathway is to guide students in seeking within and beyond the self, finding the answers to questions leading to the reawakening of consciousness.


How expansive is the reality around us?

How rich is the world within us?

What are the keys to understanding life and the meaning of life and how many are there?

And we as human beings, where do we come from and why?

What is our real potential?


What is the soul? Is there is an evolutionary Mission for all of humankind? And what is my place in it? What powers can I reawaken to become aware of it? How close are we to the cosmic intelligences that mark the course of our evolution? What is the new alliance with the divine plan for the new millennium?

The Mystery School provides knowledge as well as active and practical tools to find the answers to these questions, thanks to the original and highly innovative vision offered by Falco and developed in Damanhur. It is a vision that has revolutionized classical esoterism, and has made Damanhur a unique place in the world where spirituality, social experimentation, knowledge and experience are a daily reality. Through seminars and experiences that unfold over a period of three years, with the possibility of a two-year Masters extension, the Damanhur Mystery School offers a pathway that focuses and develops your talents and soul potential.

Connecting the microcosm with the macrocosm creates the opportunity for you to find your own soul path through time and space, to become aware of your Mission for yourself and for the evolution of all humanity.

It lets us shine a light within because every choice we make brings us closer to human and spiritual fulfillment, giving us the strength and power to accelerate personal and collective evolution; to accelerate transformation and change for a new approach to ourselves and life in all of its manifestations.

A journey that is guided and inspired through various stages: Spiritual Philosophy and Physics, Inner Harmonization, Past Lives Research, Astral Travel, The Ways of the Dream, Ancient Civilizations of Humankind, Self-discovery, Reawakening the Inner Senses, Recognizing and Interpreting Inner Answers...


How to sign up for the course

*The cost for one year of Mystery School is 1.950,00 Euro. If you make the registration at least one month before the date of commencement of the school the cost is reduced by 10%.

* In order to enroll we require payment of 20% of the price of the school.

*Guided visits to Damanhur, meals and accommodations are not included in the course fee. We can make reservations for you.


Information about arrival, accommodations and visits

If this is your first visit to Damanhur you should arrive 1 1/2 days before the School starts to do a guided tour of Damanhur:

Half Day Visit Visit to the central part of the Federation and its art studios and activities, questions and answers about Damanhur’s philosophy and research. Guided visit to the Temples of Humankind. The cost is 66 €.

Full Day Visit Visit to the central part of the Federation and its art studios and activities, questions and answers about Damanhur’s philosophy and research. Guided visit to the Temples of Humankind with meditations in every hall of the Temples and meditation in movement by walking labyrinths or in the Selfic gallery. The cost is 118€

Those who have already visited Damanhur arrive one day before the program starts. Registration and settling into accommodations.


How to arrive:

* Airports: The closest airport is Torino-Caselle (Turin). If you can’t fly directly to Turin, fly to Milan Malpensa airport. Then, you can take a train to Ivrea. The usual taxi fee from Ivrea to Damanhur is 25 Euro. We can organize transportation.

* Train: The closest train station is Ivrea. Damanhur is about 20 minutes drive from Ivrea station. We can help you with the train schedule from Milan or Turin to Ivrea.

Accommodations: We can organize your accommodations in Damanhur (special price for the School participants) or a local hotel for you. For information and reservations, please contact our office:


If you want to get detailed informationcontact us.

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