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Founded in Damanhur in 1975 and structured with the principles and teachings of Falco Tarassaco (Oberto Airaudi), the School guides students along a deep journey of self awareness.This process involves training in theory and practice, with many instructors who teach various subjects during the three year course of study. The objective is to offer an overall preparation, intended to reawaken the therapeutic and miraculous power within each person, to train real and true holistic healers.


The school offers students:

  • tools for deep, positive transformation, through individual and group experiences
  • technical training - opening and activating channels of energy flow that allow the channelling of Prana, cosmic healing energy and the use of a complex technique for the transmission of Prana, able to act and interact with Synchronicity and Performing of Pranahealing on distance

Students will be activated as healers in the use of Pranatherapy in the first year of the School and can begin doing healing work, directly supervised by the instructors operating on Time: on the past, present, and especially on the future of the patient in order to facilitate evolutionary life experiences the possibility to specialize expanding some of the Healers faculties (psyche, soma, areas of wellness, beauty, care for pets and animals in generally, etc.).

The program and kind of teachings in the school are suitablefor:

  • those who are already working in this field and desire to expand qualifications
  • for those who do not yet have experience in this area




Each year is organized in a 15-day intensive, with morning, afternoon and evening study sessions. Every year has its own theme that represents a real journey of discovery within and outside.



It 's the starting point to the exploration of reality within and outside through the enlargement of the normally used logic. The new vision of broader meanings and symbols, leads to a profound experience of spiritual growth, culminates in the activation of healing through the Prana.
The student becomes operative in the first year of school and can start to heal, followed directly by teachers.

Subjects covered during the first year, which sees the Elements as the main theme: the four elements we contact with our external senses. Air, Water, Earth and Fire, but also other elements of Alchemy and Selfica.


this subject is treated directly by the Director of the School, Orango Riso (Michele Scapino) whose biographical notes can be found at the bottom of this page. You will learn the approach to health, disease, and especially to healing, according to Damanhurian principles. It’s a deep and synergistic personal path of self-healing, made of theoretical and experiential phases in which the group becomes a suitable container for growth and self-knowledge. The path  leads to an awareness of what it means to heal others, and therefore heal ourselves.


it's the matter handled by the school psychologist. Its goal is to educate the students in the therapeutic relationship. In this area ​​theoretical and practical phases alternate in a harmonic dance in order to produce change and real transformation.


this field deal with all the typical themes of holism, according to the vision of the School of Thought of Damanhur: mind-body-soul connection, and the practical settings for prevention and prophylaxis, along with suggestions, the importance of the mind, the energy levels and fields of influence in which we are immersed, and more.


starts where Quantum Physics ends. It is a subject that explores the nature of the reality surrounding us, the nature of the soul and of the different parts that compose it: Inner Personalities, Inner Senses that belong to the divine origin of the human being, reincarnation, the laws that govern the universe and life, the structure of time, the Cosmogenesis, spiritual ecosystem, magic and magical technology. .... all topics and themes which are then resumed and deepened in subsequent levels over the three years of school.


through the use of Expressive arts, such as emotional theater and figurative arts, like working with clay and the creative use of color, art therapy becomes a useful tool for the future Healer to deal with matter and shape it, but also to give space and expression to emotions.


the dream is a fantastic working tool for the therapist. It is often there, in that suspension of consciousness, that our soul is able to communicate with the mind and the body, activating mechanisms of self-healing. Students learn to interpret their personal dreams language according to gradually deeper levels of depth and symbolism, and the language of  dreams that emphasizes the course of illness and healing.


the dream is a fantastic working tool for the therapist. It is often there, in that suspension of consciousness, that our soul is able to communicate with the mind and the body, activating mechanisms of self-healing. Students learn to interpret their personal dreams language according to gradually deeper levels of depth and symbolism, and the language of  dreams that emphasizes the course of illness and healing.


introduced in Damanhur through the research of Falco - Oberto Airaudi, Selfica was widely used in Atlantis and traces are to be found in Egyptian, Etruscan, Celtic and the ancient Arabian cultures. It’s a discipline that creates structures based on the spiral and the use of metals , colors, special inks and minerals that focus and direct vital energies and intelligences. Selfic energies belong to a field of our universe characterized by ultra-light speed, and when they are called inside an object it's as if they undergo a sort of deceleration, which on our plane of existence is manifested as synchronicity. They draw to us useful conditions and in exchange the self intelligence has the opportunity to experience a different world than their own. In the school we treat theoretical basis and have some practical application of Selfica .

To these basic materials are added:

  • experiential Anatomy and Physiology
  • use of meditative paths in the magical atmosphere of the Sacred Woods Temple in contact with the Ether element, a lesson of Psychoneuroendocrinology
  • elements of dietician and nutritional education.



This teaching unit is dedicated to the resolution of conflicts, to overcoming one's own limits, and to the exploration and definition of therapeutic relationships. Students and teachers have the opportunity to work together and confront the themes and issues that emerge from beginning to work as a healer. In depth studies of the nature of health and illness are also included to increase students’ knowledge and awareness in this field.



The last training phase, which leads to true therapeutic maturity, through an ever more aware use of the energy and of a magical-spiritual view of life. In this level, students study different ways of laying on the hands, and other systems of healing that complete the training of the healer, for example, Damanhurian massage. 



The teachers of the School for Spiritual Healers are all qualified Damanhur University instructors and the school’s teachers include spiritual healers with more than 35 years of experience, psychologists, physicians and spiritual researchers. 

Orango Riso (Michele Scapino ), director of the School for Spiritual Healers, is one of the founders of Damanhur who, thanks to his encounter with Damanhur in 1976, after ten years of intense work with the artificial intelligences, chose to direct his studies and research toward metaphysics, psychology and human intelligence. Since 1977, he has investigated ESP phenomena using hypnosis, conducting research on traditional medicines, with particular attention to the intangible energy ( Prana ). His field of studies are holistic communication as a form of therapy, a method for the integration of personality and the use of lateral thinking . He specializes in Pranotherapy according to the method of Falco Tarassaco, in the use of color for therapeutic purposes and as a symbolic language, in training on the dynamics that develop in the therapeutic relationship and in group's conduction. He has also directed several Centers of Holistic medicine in Italy and in Europe and wrote books on the topics of research in which he is specialized. He is consultant of the World Health Organization and a teacher and tutor in various healthcare companies in Italy.

Founder of the School is Falco Tarassaco, Oberto Airaudi, founder and inspirer of Damanhur - Healer, Philosopher, Painter, Writer, Dreamer and Magician. 


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