Photo of the Popolo Spirituale



Foto di Popolo di Damanhur 2011


Once a year, during the summer, all the members of the Popolo Spirituale meet at Damanhur to celebrate together their achievements and to establish a stronger connection between each other. During this day of celebration, a ritual Picture that portrays all the members together is taken. The purpose of this picture is to make more dense the “BEING” composed of all the Spiritual people, in this way, everyone can add his own characteristics, talents, and skills in a way that we can share them within the Popolo Spirituale container.


Can't come to Damanhur to be a part of the picture in person? Those who cannot be present for can send a photograph of themselves dressed in white and signed on the back, which will be insert in the collective one, energetically connecting you to this moment of union.


Portrait fun


Contact the Popolo Spirituale before the 20th of August for instructions.

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