The Great Rituals



Anchoring nature energy



The Great Rituals of Nature are five annual moments of celebration that correspond to the Solstices, Equinoxes and the ritual of Commemoration of the Dead. On these occasions, Damanhur opens itself to guests and friends who wish to share the occasion and be present on the territory of the Federation during these magical moments.

Before participating for the first time, you need to have visited Damjl, the central territory of the Federation, and take part in an introduction explaining the significance of the ritual, held just prior the ritual.

For those that are interested in a deeper connection, there is a special meditation program held in the Temples of Humankind the day before each ritual. This will help direct your path of spiritual and individual growth in harmony with the elements corresponding to the ritual and with the flow of energy connected to the Synchronic Lines. Note, you must first visit the Temples of Humankind in order to participate in this meditation. If you have not yet visited the Temples, you can choose from one of the following visits: Half day visit, One day visit, any longer program.

Also at the time around the rituals residential visiting programs to Damanhur are being organized as well as the extraordinary event "Contact with Cosmos" offering the possibility to spend a night inside of the Temples of Humankind.



In June 1978, the first summer solstice was celebrated in Damanhur at the same time as the winter solstice was officiated by a group of founders on a journey to Cuzco in Peru. From then on, the great rituals of nature have provided a steady, rhythmical beat to the pathway of spiritual growth in Damanhur in correspondence with the heart beat of life on the planet. The solar rhythm is a uniting factor for many spiritual and shamanic traditions of different times, which in the waxing and waning solar light, have identified the symbol and source of all vital transformation. The cycles of Birth, Life and Transformations determine, as they grow bigger or smaller, the various alchemic values of these fundamental moments. As the veil between the dimensions grow thinner, the animal and plant world and the magical world of the spirits of nature meet up on these occasions. This is also when the human world has the chance to consciously reconnect with the magical and spiritual interweaving of life on Earth. This is why, according to tradition, the ritual moment of the solstice is what keeps the world alive - it represents a celebration of the alliance with the spirits of nature.

Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox Celebrates the reawakening of Nature in all its splendor. It is a celebration of Joy, Sweetness, Laughter and Love... the blessing powers of the Sun.

Meditation connected to the element ETHER/THOUGHT

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice signals the moment in which souls arrive through the Synchronic Lines for incarnation on Earth, and those who are headed for other destinations leave. For this reason, the Summer Solstice is in theory the more important of the two solstices.

Meditation connected to the element WATER

Autumn Equinox

In ancient tradition, the Autumn Equinox is the starting point for a new year. Celebration of the clarity in Nature as it dresses itself in thousands of warm, brilliant colors, while with calm and dignity it prepares for the winter sleep.

Meditation contacting the element AIR

Commemoration of the Dead

This is a ritual of Life and Death, dedicated to the rhythm of existence which expresses itself through the three-part principle: birth – generation – rebirth. Every death is a promise of rebirth in this or in other worlds according to evolutionary cycles. The twelve herbs offered during this ritual represent the twelve months of the year - the diversity and multiplicity of the completeness which is present in the plant world and in all life.

Meditation connected to the element EARTH

Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice takes place on the shortest day of the year and is the moment in which the night ends its conquest while the sun victoriously begins to recover some minutes of every day until it triumphs at the Summer Solstice.

Meditation connected to the element FIRE



The meditation takes place in the Temples of Humankind and includes:

Sacred Dance, aimed at creating inner harmony and widening of the senses.

Contact with the five elements (Water, Air, Earth, Fire, Ether), with special focus on the one connected to the ritual that is being celebrated. You will use breathing techniques, harmonization with sounds and creative visualization.

Personal preparation, where you are free to create your personal dedication to the ritual you will be attending.

Based on the number of people signed up, the meditations will take place in various Halls of the Temples of Humankind.


OTHER RITUALS CONNECTED TO SOLSTICES - Only for members of the Popolo Spirituale

Ritual of the Purification of the Popolo

The ritual of the Purification of the Popolo Spirituale takes place at the end of the Solstice ritual, both winter and summer. Through it, the Popolo Spirituale expresses its desire to eliminate disharmonious thoughts and action, renewing itself and finding its purity. This comes through gazing at the flame of a candle, which ideally burns all impurities, accompanied by songs and readings. This ritual is reserved to members of the Popolo Spirituale. During the Winter Solstice, this ritual takes place in the Temples of Humankind. To participate, a prior visit to the Temples is required. Please contact us for more information about the different visits available.

Para-telepathic Union of the Popolo Spirituale

One of the characteristics of the Popolo Spirituale is that of enabling its members to exchange abilities, aptitudes, talents and spiritual experiences amongst themselves by activating a para-telepathic sense of exchange. At the end of the Ritual of Purification of the Popolo Spirituale, there is a phase dedicated to this exchange, directed towards increasing complexity, individually and collectively, during which you can experience a profound contact with other members of the Popolo Spirituale.


Prerequisites / Prerequisiti

Visiting Damjl

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