Five Day Visit



The Five Day Visit offers a broad and varied experience of Damanhur and the Temples of Humankind. You will be introduced to various aspects of our philosophy in a way that also allows for a practical experiences.

An in-depth tour of Damanhur, Federation of Communities focuses on renewable energy and includes a visit to communities that work on advanced sustainability projects.

Throughout your visit, you will see various territories and areas of research of the Federation. If you wish learn more about any of these areas, please visit our website.


5-Day visit includes:

The Temples of Humankind

Dedicated to the divine nature of humanity, the Temples of Humankind is a three dimensional book which recounts the history of Humanity across multiple planes of existence. The Temples is more than a work of art -- they are a path of reawakening the Divine Spark, each Hall is a living conduit connecting all the energies of Humanity traveling via the Synchronic Lines.

Damjl, the central area of Damanhur

Damjl was the first territory acquired by a group of enthusiastic researchers who wanted to realize their dreams in the physical. Here you will find the history and philosophy of Damanhur represented through art, stone circuits, altars and more. 


The DamanhurCrea is an art, research and wellness center that hosts various activities and business that share the vision of creating ethical products and services. 

Sacred Woods

As the antennas of the underground Temples of Humankind, the Sacred Woods is a place where the elements unite. Here you will find various circuits and spirals dedicated to healing and creativity, in addition to research areas for projects such as the Music of the Plants and Alchemy.

Presentation of the Music of the Plants

The Music of the Plants has been researched as early as 1976. The desire for a profound contact with nature is the inspiration for a device that allows plants and trees to become musicians, giving birth to ‘Plant Concerts’ where traditional musicians perform to the accompaniment of melodies created by the trees. 

Stone Spirals and Circuits

In Damanhur, stone spirals and labyrinths are used for many purposes, among them the widening of perception. Walking circuits is a powerful way of to discover new connections between ourselves and nature. 

Guided Visit to greater Damanhur

Guided visit to some of Damanhur's settlements in order to learn more about our projects, lifestyle and socio-spiritual experience. 

Introduction to Spiritual Physics

Spiritual Physics starts where quantum physics ends - opening up to new ways of understanding the world and the universe, making scientific and spiritual perspectives meet. 

Meditation in the Temples of Humankind

The Meditation allow you to access the spiritual energies of the Halls on a deep level. They are an extraordinary opportunity for contact and dialogue with one's own soul.

Contact with the Earth Element through Sculpture

Spend the day exploring your artistic expression by learning how to sculpt clay.

Q&A “Serata” with the Founders

Join the founders of Damanhur, as they answer questions from guests about the community, its philosophy and its future.


Logistical Information:

  • Please schedule your arrival on Sunday before 5pm. If you must arrive after this time, please contact us directly to coordinate your arrival.
  • Your program begins Monday morning. Check-in at the Welcome Office by 9:30am. There you will receive a detailed itinerary of the week’s events. The program will end on the next Sunday.
  • If you wish to extend your visit, please view our calendar of events for upcoming activities and courses.
  • Accommodations and meals are not included in the program. Please contact us for lodging in one of our guest houses or a nearby hotel or bed and breakfast.
  • Please note that this visit requires a minimum of 4 people. While it is our intention to connect groups in order to always offer this visit, if there is a time when this minimum cannot be reached, we will inform of as soon as possible of the cancellation.
  • Be aware that the dates scheduled include the day of arrival.

The price for participating on this guided visit is 440 euro per person. 


If you want to get detailed information, contact us.

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