Visit 4 Halls of the Temples of Humankind


Sundays and Holidays


The shortest program for visiting the Temples of Humankind consists of seeing "4 Halls", and is available every Sunday and on holidays. For groups of 4 people or more it can be scheduled during the week. If you do not speak Italian and need translation, you must register in advance; in Italian registration is not required.

The program starts in Damjl, the central territory of Damanhur where the Welcome Office is located, at 15.00 where you will take a guided tour that introduces you to the central parts of Damanhur. At 16.00 you will be taken to the Temples of Humankind by a specialized guide to see 4 of the main halls.

The visit to the community and the Temples lasts appr. 2 hours and the cost is 45 Euro per person.


Hall of Earth - columns and walls


Children aged 9-12 do not pay, from age 12 to 16 the price is discounted 50%. It is not permitted to bring children younger than 9 years old into the Temples of Humankind.

Reservation required.



If you want to get detailed informationcontact us.