Visiting Damjl


Open Temple

A first step in getting to know Damanhur, Federation of Communities is by visiting "Damjl", which is the central area.

Here you will find the first historical settlement of Damanhur in Valchiusella (the area of Italy where Damanhurian communities are located), as well as the Welcome Office, art and buildings, including several nucleos (our community homes).

The walk around Damjl is led by a specialized guide, who will introduce you to Damanhur's history and organizational structure.

The visit to Damjl is the required for those who wish to participate in most events at Damanhur and to visit the Temples of Humankind. For this reason, it is included in all other programmed visits.

It is necessary to book in advance to go on this visit*. The walk lasts for approximately 45 minutes, starting from the Welcome Office.


*Please note that this visit requires a minimum of 3 people. While it is our intention to connect groups in order to always offer this visit, if there is a time when this minimum cannot be reached, we will inform of as soon as possible of the cancelation.



If you want to get detailed information contact us.