Preparation for the Oracle of Damanhur


Rite of the Oracle



Every month, working with the energy of the full moon, the Rite of the Oracle of Damanhur opens a window for you to enter into contact with Divine Forces.

The Half Day Preparation for the Oracle ritual provides a magical opportunity to strengthen your connection with your divine self, opening a channel to messages traveling via the current of synchronicity constantly flowing around us. This guided meditation in the Temples of Humankind brings you into greater harmony with your divine self, clearing the way for a deeper connection with the Divine Forces during the Oracle ritual.

The meditation, which can be done in the Hall of Water and the Blue Temple of the Temples of Humankind, can also help you discover talents or provide insight into developing your hidden potential.

You begin with an introduction to divination systems used in Damanhurian tradition, precious instruments for introspection and extended awareness.

You will then be asked to concentrate on a question in order to experience the Rite of the Oracle more fully, or also you may choose to begin working on a question to ask the Oracle directly at a later date.

Preparing yourself with meditative harmonization in the best way to find the answers hidden within.

If you wish, you may also present an offering (poetry, flower, incense...) to the Fire of the Oracle.

The Half Day Preparation, followed by the Rite of the Oracle, offers you a unique opportunity to make contact with the Divine Forces and your own divine self.



Price: 46 euro per person for meditation group - 55 euro for individual meditation.

All meditations must be booked in advance.
Prices do not include accommodations or meals.


If you want to get detailed information, contact us.


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