Guest Houses

Damanhur has several guest houses as well as a café, restaurant, biological market and a variety of businesses all within an area of 2-10 kilometres. It is ideal to have a car. Being a Federation of Communities, our territories are located across the Valchiusella Valley and it is not always possible to go from one area to another by foot. If you will not have access to have a car, it is possible to find a Synchronic Ride to most destinations.

Our guest houses offer rooms with 2-4 beds, at prices ranging from 28 Euro (for a shared room) to 45 Euro (single room) per person, per night. The bathrooms are shared. If you have other needs, we will be happy to help you book a room in one of the 3 or 4 star hotels in the nearby area, which offer services at a special price for guests of Damanhur.

For detailed information and availability, contact us with the desired dates of your arrival and departure, type of accommodation and number of people in your party.